Great Questions to Ask During Interviews!


Of course we all are looking for the best fit for the job, right? But how often do you think about their ability to handle your particular management style? This is often an area that managers overlook when asking the candidates questions during an interview.


Here are some questions that you should consider asking in your interviews to help assess the candidate’s adaptability to different management styles:


1.)     Describe the perfect manager.

2.)     Based on your past employment, who would you choose as the best manager you’ve had the opportunity to work for? Why were they good?

3.)     Based on your past employment, who would you choose as your least favorite manager? Why were they your least favorite? How did you adapt?

4.)     How do you handle conflict with your managers? Disagreements? How do you resolve issues?


By asking questions similar to the ones listed above, you’ll find a greater understanding of how the candidate feels about different management styles. If you find that you’re for the most part the ideal manager described by the candidate then you can have confidence that you’ll work great together should you decide to hire them for the position. On the other hand, if you really like the candidate but worry about being similar to the manager that was their least favorite then you can consider ways to adapt to ensure a smooth and successful relationship if you decide to hire them on.


You shouldn’t base your hiring decision on whether or not they can or cannot handle your management style but rather use these questions to help prepare yourself for building and maintaining successful relationships with new hires.

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