Résumés—Stop Wasting Time!

by Stephen Bruce | BLR


By the way, if you  end up in that cartoonish position of having 2,000 online applicants, you  probably need to find some knockout requirements to get that pile smaller. Or,  you could, for example, decide to look only at the first 250. Whatever system  you choose, be sure that it doesn’t discriminate.


Your Time Is Precious

You need a system to keep all those unqualified candidates’ credentials off your  desk and off your computer desktop as well. 


Clear and Detailed Postings

First of  all, in all your advertising and posting, be clear about the  requirements and be specific about the job. Unqualified candidates will  self-select out, and the best candidates will be intrigued by the close match  between what you seek and what they offer. 


Complete and Consistent Data

In many  cases, you’re stuck with a variety of application material such as application  forms filled out by walk-ins, e-mail notes, letters from various people  recommending candidates, and letters or résumés with little information in  them.


Before you review, try to get as much information as possible in  the same format. You can’t compare one candidate who submitted a brief letter  to one who sent in a detailed résumé and filled out an application. If  information is too brief, ask the person to apply online with full information or  request a more-detailed résumé.


Review Efficiently

Next, be careful to review credentials efficiently. In the winnowing process, you  want to spend as little time as possible with the obvious rejects—and more time  on serious candidates.


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