Ways to Incorporate Social Media into the Hiring Process

by Bridget Miller | BLR


With the prevalence of social media, employers are finding more and more uses for it in the workplace, for example, as a component of the talent management process. More and more organizations are taking advantage of the growing reach of social networking. 


Here are some ways to incorporate social media into the hiring process. It can be used to:


  • Search for candidates, even finding potential new hires who are not actively job-seeking. 
  • Conduct background checks, if done carefully.
  • Receive online applications.
  • Post job openings or increase the reach of existing job posts.
  • Present a consistent and complete company image to potential job seekers.


Which of the various social media platforms is best for each of these activities? The answer is: it depends.


Each of the various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, can be used for each of the points above. Which site to target depends on your organization and the ideal candidate for the role. This is because the demographics of the typical user vary for each site. Research the demographics of each site and compare that to your ideal candidate to see which might be a good fit for your organization to target. Don’t be afraid to research some of the smaller social media sites as well.

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