How to Get a Face-to-Face Interview

by Dewey Sadka | CareerBuilder


Here are some effective but indirect ways to get noticed by the people who can get you hired.


Best Referrals Are a Friend of a Friend

Ask friends, "Do you know anyone who might know someone?" Then, don't be afraid to discuss your job search wherever you go-at the gym, church, ballgames, parties, social media and so forth. When the opportunity presents itself, be open and honest about what you're looking for.


Attend Association Meetings In Your Field

Search for associations in your career field and attend their meetings and networking events. Meet and greet potential employers and other professionals. When you walk into the room, look around and see who is there and who could help you. But be equally generous and see if there are people whom you can help, too.


Referral Do's & Don'ts

When finding the right people to refer you, especially at a networking event, avoid pitfalls by being the person they want to give support.


  • Don't be nervous or shy. Smile. Keep it light. Others will see you as confident.
  • Don't make it all about you. After saying hello, get them to talk about themselves. Listen for how you can support them.
  • Don't ask for a job. Chances are even if they work at the perfect company for you, they're not the decision maker.  And if they are, don't put them under pressure. Remember they'll need approvals from others.

Now that you've created an open listening, here's what to do.


  • Do speak with enthusiasm about the job/career you're seeking.  Ask for a business card. Then ask, "Do you know anyone that you can refer me too?" 
  • Do end the meet-up by looking them right in the eye, giving a thank-you handshake and sending a résumé right away.
  • Do send them industry articles. Take their advice and tell them how you did it. If they're not sure about your experience, offer to work as an intern or for a smaller salary.


Would You Hire You? 
Get to know the company and any of its key personnel beyond the job description. Check out the website. Research the company online. The more you know, the more you can target your résumé to overcome rejections.

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