What makes you want to hire a job applicant?

by Elaine Quayle


A new study looked beyond the typical attributes, like background, certifications, etc., and found that a sense of humor, an eye for fashion, or even knowledge of pop culture can influence a hiring manager’s decision.


The nationwide CareerBuilder study asked employers if they had two equally qualified candidates, which factors would make them more likely to consider one candidate over another.


Their responses included, ”The candidate …”:

  • …with the better sense of humor—27 percent
  • …who is involved in his or her community—26 percent
  • …who is better dressed—22 percent …whom I have more in common with—21 percent
  • …who is more physically fit—13 percent
  • …who is more on top of current affairs and pop culture—8 percent
  • …who is more involved in social media—7 percent
  • …who is knowledgeable about sports—4 percent


The survey also asked managers for traits that would take an employee out of the running for a promotion. Top responses included, “Someone who…”:

  • …says, “That’s not my job”—71 percent
  • …is often late—69 percent
  • …has lied at work—68 percent
  • …takes credit for other people’s work—64 percent
  • …often leaves work early—55 percent
  • …takes liberties with expenses charged back to the company—55 percent
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