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TrendHR is a temporary to permanent staffing company that has been providing employment services such as professional, administrative, industrial and warehouse staffing to Texas since 1997. Utilizing our offices in DFW, we can meet your needs wherever you are. Let TrendHR go to work for you today!

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What is Trend Online?

Our employees love the features of our online self-service module. Employees are given a login to access features including:

Review Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Employment Details
  • Tax Information
Reprint Employee Inquiries
  • Check Stubs
  • W-2's
Instant Access to Limited Documents
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  • Reference Guides

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Please follow the instructions below to register for your Trend Online Employee Login. This will allow you access to your pay stub, W-2, HR documents and maintain your personal information.

Go to the following website: www.mytrendonline.com

Click the blue "Register" button and follow the instructions given. Please remember that the e-mail address provided will need to be accessible as your initial password will automatically be emailed to you to complete registration. After successfully logging in, your password can be changed by going to Administration > Password Change. Also keep in mind that your username and password are case sensitive.

*Your login and password should be kept in a safe place. Do not share your login information with other employees, as this information is confidential. You will only be able to view your information.

I Forgot My Login Information

Go to the following website: www.mytrendonline.com

Click the blue "Password Reminder" button and follow the instructions given. Remember that the e-mail address you registered with will be needed to reset your password. After completing the form, you will be e-mailed a new password within a few minutes.



TrendHR understands, when you have a need for staff, you need to fill that need as quickly as possible to avoid any disruption to your business. Our dedicated team of recruiters and staffing coordinators can find the right people for your organization.

We find qualified candidates for you and help you quickly fill open positions in your organization. We provide administrative relief for your HR Department so you can focus on the most important thing--growing and maintaining your business. We handle the following for our temporary staff:

  • Interviewing
  • Screening
  • Testing
  • Payroll
  • Employer Taxes
  • Government Reporting
  • Workers Compensation

During these uncertain economic times, enjoy the flexibility of being able to match your staffing levels to current business and market demands. Sleep better at night knowing that you are reducing your risk and the administrative burden on your current staff.


TrendHR can handle all of your staffing needs. These programs can be customized to fit your requirements. We have offices in the DFW area.


This program is designed for clients who need temporary employees to handle a special project or need, to service a spike in business demand, or to simply maintain a flexible workforce. Our Temporary Staffing program allows you to hire one or multiple employees for shorter periods of time, from one day to several months and beyond. You control the employee's work schedule and responsibilities and approve their timesheet and we take care of the rest, including payroll, taxes, and more.


This program is designed to be a "try before you buy" service where TrendHR fills an open position within your company. This person would complete a trial period under Trend's payroll. After this period, your company would transfer the temporary employee free of charge.


This program is for companies who have staffing needs but don't want the hassles of recruiting, screening, interviewing, etc. TrendHR will recruit, screen and interview applicants and present only the best candidates to your company as potential hires. Our permanent placements are always guaranteed!


More than Just a Staffing Company

It's a common problem in small to medium-sized companies. The challenges of the day-to-day tasks and costs of operating a human resource department are time consuming and unprofitable. Recruiting, hiring, firing, paperwork, and phone calls consume valuable time and money that could be better spent growing your company.

The smart employers are turning to TrendHR to perform these daunting tasks and relieve themselves of high-priced liabilities.

Founded in 1997, TrendHR originally built its business based on the traditional staffing company model, specializing in direct hire and employment needs. Its commitment to superb customer service quickly allowed TrendHR to become one of the largest staffing companies in the North Texas Corridor.

"We always try to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to satisfy the needs of our valued customers," states D.W. Bobst, CEO of TrendHR.